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For years, companies in the field of woodworking were often portrayed as negative actors in the various environmental debates related to deforestation. All of this also because of partial or incomplete information from the media and even from the same experts.

This section of the site was specially conceived for this purpose: allow access to a more comprehensive and detailed communication, to an objective view of the real relationship between the experts and the ecological issues. The fragile environment of our planet is obvious. Centuries and centuries of careless management of the world's forests requires today, to all the experts, maximum attention on the importance of operating productive choices that are also capable to protect the environment as much as possible.

Over the past few decades, in fact, modern technology has enabled great innovations that meet the global demand for wood and at the same time respect and preserve the territory.

On these new technologies companies like Termolegno link with strength and constancy their industrial mission: designing and building artificial drying kilns "green addicted", with a heart, for the earth. It's widely demonstrable, in fact, that drying the wood in a controlled environment is an important solution to the problem of deforestation. The artificial drying makes it possible to both increase productivity that a decrease in demand for the raw material than the traditional process of air drying.

The air natural drying, taking place outside of any possible climate control, imposes basically major flaws: the wood is easily deformed, it doesn’t lighten, it is never homogeneous and it is not possible to stabilize it, basic process that can only occur at very high and controlled temperatures. For these reasons, we are in front of a process that causes a high % of discarded wood = increased demand for crude wood = the need for greater deforestation.

Technological breakthroughs achieved with the design of TERMOLEGNO artificial drying kilns guarantee instead proper drying, a reduction in the weight of dried wood, a process completed in much shorter times and especially with the 30% -50% of wood waste discarded less. = more product = less weight = less consumption and costs for transportation = demand reduction = less need for deforestation. Although, then, the demand for wood will continue to be a worldwide need impossible to ignore, it is important to inform, highlight and draw the attention of all, press and green stakeholders included, how in the field of woodworking there are no "bad actors" but conscious and responsible industrial realities. Companies like Termolegno that produce and invest in all the new technologies that offer highly productive drying kilns and at the same time contributing in a real and important way to the preservation of the environment.