Wood drying is a very complex process, but can be simplified and made more accessible using electronics and software. Our New 6800 control units can help make the entire process quite straightforward, especially when combined with our RX software that provides an animated, real-time graphical view of the operations. The RX software can control up to 32 drying kilns at the same time, either locally or remotely, and can connect to TERMOLEGNO SUPPORT for assistance by a specialized Termolegno technician.
The electronics have been designed for maximum versatility. Customers can configure the software package most suitable to their specific production requirements, and add a series of optional modules to their standard platform, including 8/24 stages, energy kit to monitor electrical and/or heat consumption, antifreezing and defrosting kit to defrost the stacks and prevent freezing on the heat exchangers, advance drying kit which provides drying times estimates and can speed-up or slow-down the cycle automatically, anemometers to measure and control air speed, temperature, humidity in the stacks, as well as the HT Kit for ISPM-15 phytosanitary treatment.


- False ceiling walkways or sliding false ceilings for fan maintenance
- Roof access ladder
- Right or left opening slide rolling door, or hinged doors
- Door rail protection
- Lifeline
- Bidirectional forced exhaust of saturated air, with or without heat recovery units
- Single or dual stage, low or high-pressure humidification, or steaming tank humidification
- Single or variable speed, inverter-controlled ventilation

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