For direct or indirect steam treatment

Steaming kilns are divided into direct or indirect steaming.
Direct steaming kilns feature perforated stainless steel pipes that inject low-pressure steam into the kiln chamber.
Indirect steaming kilns generate steam by heating an automatically filled tank of water fitted with a heat exchanger.
All the components are stainless steel and are sized for the specific application.
The purpose of steaming is to change the colour of the wood and release its internal tensions.
Steam may be extremely corrosive and requires the use of suitable materials for the manufacture of the kilns.
Termolegno uses an effective aluminium-magnesium alloy for all its products as well as high-temperature rated silicon seals, gaskets and electrical cable sheathing.

- Load capacity: 20 to 120 m³
- Heating:
      · Direct steaming kilns: low pressure steam line
      · Indirect steaming kilns: overheated water, steam, diathermic oil, gas, heating oil.
- Electronic control unit and probes for automatic cycle management.

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