Direct gas burner

Termolegno, thanks to its experience in the field of drying, proposes a new and innovative system of heating for ISPM-15 heat treatment and drying cells.

It is tube bundle heat exchangers with direct exchange of the sucked air and introduced by a fan with a gas burner, high efficiency and low emissions of NOx. Safe, modular and quick to install, the generators operate on natural gas or LPG and tube bundles cover the entire width of the drying kiln and will be positioned between the roof and roof, in line with the fans.

Easy system, immediate, with maximum efficiency, without the usual loss between the pipes of the hydraulic system, the pumps and the boiler. The burner flame goes directly into the stainless steel coil. The system is extremely safe, since the flame does not enter into contact with the wood positioned inside the drying kiln.

The novelty of this system lies in its convenience and economy. The heating with direct gas burner is very beneficial than a traditional boiler, it allows in fact to reduce costs related to construction of the hall for housing the boiler, and also no longer necessary pumps, valves and plumbing.

Another very important advantage is the speed of heating: the serpentine, instead of having an internal temperature of 80°C/90°C as in the traditional hot water system, reaches a much higher temperature thus allowing a greater speed of heating.

What are the advantages compared to the traditional boiler:

1. FAST system installation.
2. FLEXIBILITY thanks to a modular system.
3. RELIABILITY thanks to the passage of the fumes through a stainless steel coil.
4. ECONOMIC COMPETITIVENESS, its cost is much more advantageous compared to a boiler (either gas or oil and wood residues).
5. REDUCTION OF ADDITIONAL CHARGE concerning the room housing the boiler, plumbing, pumps and valves.
6. PROBLEM ELIMINATION of ICE during the winter.
7. MAXIMUM SPEED in ISPM-15 phytosanitary treatments.
9. NET REDUCTION of MAINTENANCE compared to a boiler, especially wood waste.
10. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: burners with low NOx emissions.

Heat recovery

This system allows the recovery of the hot air in output from the drying chamber. In fact, the outside air is pre-heated by the output hot and saturated air by means of the heat recovery, the two airflows never come into direct contact. This allows you to have a relatively high energy saving in heat consumption. For example, in the case where the inlet air is 15°C and the outlet air of 45°C, the colder air passing through the heat recovery unit will heat up to about 28.5°C. While the output hot air will reach 30°C.