Conventional drying kilns

- Drying kilns for conifers, hardwoods and tropical woods.
- Load capacity:
      · CSD front-loaded kiln: 20m³ to 300m³.
      · CSD-T tunnel: 80m³ to 500m³.
- Heating can be provided using hot water, overheated water, steam, diathermic oil, gas, heating oil.
- The ventilation system is implemented using reversible, electrical axial-type fans, single or variable speed, providing constant flow in the two directions of rotation.
- Saturated air exchange chimneys with shutters actuated by proportionally-controlled servomotors.
- Humidification system: 3 Bar or high pressure 80 Bar.
- Electronic control unit for full drying cycle management.
- LAN Internet connection for PCs, tablets or smartphones for remote management of up to 32 kiln chambers at the same time and access to the Termolegno support portal.

Some installations realized

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